Wednesday, 30 November 2011

back to the knitting

Finally the last day of my November blog-a-day extravaganza has arrived and I’m very relieved! I have enjoyed the challenge and the responses, but it has been hard coming up with something every day. In fact I didn’t quite manage it. There was nothing on the first because I only found out about it at the end of that day, and I missed two other days because I was without inspiration or couldn’t make the words work.

The experience has increased my admiration for journalists who come up with a regular comment column. Frankly I just don’t have enough opinions to keep up at this rate for any longer.

I will carry on though, just not at the same frequency and I hope to get back to more of the knit, stitch and dye of my original intentions.


  1. Whatever your knitting is a lovely, lovely colour!!!

  2. Well done Moira. Highly opiniated people are over-rated.

  3. Nice to see some knitting. But Moira, you've done really, really well, no way could I blog every day. Looking at the people who do though, they seem to have the ability to turn a single thought into a post, and we all have lots of thoughts.

    I've enjoyed popping by most days this last month.

  4. Well done and I hope that, even if you don't manage it every day you will continue to blog on a regular basis.