Sunday, 6 November 2011

cuddly blankets

Finishing off other people's work seems to be a bit of a theme in my life at the moment. I have just handed over these two completed baby blankets.
St Mary Redcliffe Church have an active group of people knitting squares for blankets which are then sent to Ukraine. They were short of someone to sew them together, so I volunteered.

I have completed three so far (didn't photograph the first one) and have just picked up several more bags of knitted squares which I calculate should make another three. I have to confess that it's more time consuming than I imagined as there are lots of yarn tails to be sewn in before assembly can begin. Putting the blankets together can be fun, though. I played with colour-blocking on this one

and went for a more traditional patwork-style with this one.

I'm using crochet to seam them together and adding a crochet border.

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  1. There's something quite Mondrian about that second one :D