Sunday, 20 January 2013

snow motion

Hurrah! I can get around in the snow again.

I’ve never been a huge lover of the snow. As a child obviously I found it quite exciting and did my fair share of snowman building, snowball throwing and tobogganing if there was the opportunity. Equally, I had never had any special dread of snow, until I had a fall three years ago which led to a twisted ankle and badly bruised ribs.

That experience left me feeling fearful of going out if there was snow or ice underfoot. I wasn’t happy with the sense of being housebound and dependent on other people for supplies. It felt like old age a little bit too soon. So when I saw a headline back in early December about the “coldest week for decades” (which turned out to be nonsense) we decided to buy some shoe spikes. This weekend has been our first opportunity to try them out and I’m very pleased indeed. Confidence returned.

Apparently they’re among “the top ten gifts for older people”, but I’m happy to see that Charlotte who is perfectly young and fit was looking for her "yaktrax" before going for a walk with the dog.