Monday, 14 November 2011

childcare and more domestic goddessry

Today was a childcare day and as Steve was playing golf with friends I was holding the fort alone!

This child is obsessed by scissors. Given the chance she will spend the entire day snipping little pieces of paper from bigger pieces of paper. She hasn't got a great deal of control yet (especially given that she consistently uses her left hand and the scissors are all right-handed), but making a series of diagonal cuts and then trimming them off seems to hit the spot at the moment. Papercut artwork is everywhere at the moment so perhaps she's picking up the cultural trend?

There's quite a lot of picking up to do afterwards.

Luckily for my sanity she still has a lovely long nap in the afternoon, so I busied myself making mincemeat. It's probably obvious that I love all the heavily-fruited, spicy mixtures that feature in so many of the traditional Christmas foods, but I haven't previously felt it was worth the effort to make mincemeat. This is a non-traditional recipe, however, with no suet and heavy on cranberries and apple as well as the vine fruits. Looking forward to some mince pies now!

Now we have that very rare thing, a good telly evening - University Challenge, Only Connect and The Choir - and probably a bit of knitting.


  1. I used to be obsessed with scissors, too. Aged 5, I cut off the fingers of my mother's best brown suede (with handpainted white dots!) gloves! Well, I was playing buses and needed fingerless mittens for the authentic conductress look.

    The mincemeat looks delicious, btw.

  2. Yes, I have a very clear memory of how angry my mother was when I cut my own hair. Even at the age of three it seemed unfair as my motives were entirely altruistic - my Teddy needed some curls and I (in those days) had some to spare.