Monday, 24 September 2012

when life gives you raspberries...

We went to Stratford again at the weekend. Not to see a play this time, but to look after a little grand-daughter so Hannah could go to a wedding and Felix could work.

We had fun looking after the little lady and Stratford upon Avon had laid on a food festival for us! I stocked up with some spices and we bought lovely fat olives and sinus-busting wasabi peanuts as well as good breads and posh pork pies. In the regular farmers’ market Felix bought fabulous mushrooms for a risotto and I found “jamming raspberries” on special offer.

So this morning, back in Bristol, I got out the maslin pan and bubbled up a load of raspberry jam. Scrumptious!


  1. It was obviously the weekend for jam making. My lemon curd and your raspberry jam!

  2. I used to live not far from Stratford when I was at university. I think raspberry jam is my favourite. Makes me wonder why I made damson and strawberry.