Friday, 31 August 2012

the summer in brief

How to break a long silence? A quick catch up.

I provided the admin and housekeeping support for our annual Arts Trail weekend.
The Mister was away volunteering with the Iona community and my photos were not as good as his would have been.

I did a bit of solo travel:

  • By car to visit my sister and see the Lichfield Mystery Plays
  • By train to Stratford to visit daughter, s-i-l and granddaughter and to see an understudy performance of Twelfth Night (brilliant!)
  • By train to Glasgow to visit my cousin
  • By train and ferries and coach to Iona for a week’s visit and catch up with the Mister
  • And back home again by ferries, coach and trains visiting daughter no. 3 and all of her family in Lancashire en route.
I found that journeys completed successfully alone leave me with a real buzz of achievement. There’s something about it that makes me feel capable and alive.

I did the usual amount of knitting and stitching
  We had visitors:
  • From Devon
  • From Holland
  • From the Czech Republic
  • From Leeds
  • From South Africa
  • Daughter no. 3 and two of her littlies
  • And currently an actor friend who is rehearsing and performing in Bristol
 That’s a lot of bedlinen!

We have celebrated some birthdays
We have had a reunion of college friends some forty years on

We have visited Devon for the Preview of an exhibition by friends

We have been to a “secret” gig

Seen a couple of films

Visited Stratford again to see the Comedy of Errors

We have watched the Olympics on the telly (and now the Paralympics)

I have watched these sunflowers grow painfully slowly to (finally) produce a tiny flower!


  1. Woah! When you write it all down in one place you see just how MUCH you've managed to squeeze in and how adventurous and hospitable you are. I stand in awe.

  2. Blimey, you have been busy! Welcome back.

  3. Welcome back Moira :) My goodness you've been busy!