Friday, 21 March 2008


I was given some woad seeds for Christmas by lovely friends who know my passion for indigo. Woad is a similar plant to indigo, but native to Europe whereas indigo came originally from Asia (and gradually superseded the local product). I’ve only ever bought and used synthetic indigo so far, so I’m very excited about growing and producing my own dye.

Stu has agreed to let me have a little bit of space to grow it on the allotment, and Good Friday seems an appropriate day for sowing. The directions on the packet are a bit sparse so I have found some interesting stuff on the internet about growing and using woad.

Just got to sit back now and wait for the little shoots to appear!

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  1. Hi there from Thame! I bought some woad-dyed wool a few years back on Skye with the intention of using it to knit a jumper (I favour old patterns from the 1940s and 1950s with of course some moderations). The wool leaves my hands so blue that I dread to think what I will look like should I ever get that jumper finished! Good luck anyway, and well done with this lovely inspiring blog.