Thursday, 27 March 2008


This is a mistake.
A lot of knitters seemed to be talking about Noro Kureyon and the pattern of choice seemed to be the Lizard Ridge Afghan. I thought I’d give it a try and bought a couple of balls of yarn. Rather more muted colours than the other examples, but I didn’t want to just COPY, I had to introduce my own twist. Anyway, I’ve knitted up a square and I hate it. I didn’t enjoy using the yarn which is rough and knobbly and makes the complicated picking up of wrapped stitches in the short rows pattern very hard to see. The finished result just reminds me of hippy seventies sweaters. At my age that doesn’t look retro and cute; after all I can actually remember all those earnest young men in their corduroy flares and baggy jumpers – reader, I married one!


  1. so what was your twist? How did yo uchange it? How should it have been?!

    Sorry you don'tlike it - i do! xxx

  2. ...outrageous (and, anyway, the baggy jumpers fine now thank you - it was just a case of growing into them)!! x

  3. Hi Alice, I should obviously have pressed the irony button a bit harder. My "twist" was just to change the colour (and to make all the mistakes when I was trying to pick up and knit wraps)