Sunday, 7 January 2018

little moments

A funny thing happened when I was walking from home to the local shops on Friday morning.  As I turned a corner I saw a woman on the opposite side of the road walking towards me.  I didn’t know her, but she was a similar age to me and carrying a bunch of tulips.  As she saw me, she called out with pleasure and started to cross the road towards me, speaking as she did so.  I was struck by a moment of doubt as I wondered if she was someone I SHOULD recognise and I checked over my shoulder to see whether she was actually greeting someone behind me.  This made her realise that she had taken me for someone else and as she reached my side she apologised.  We both laughed and agreed it was a case of mistaken identity, patted each other’s arm reassuringly and carried on our way.  What could have been an awkward moment turned into a little jewel of connection in the middle of an ordinary day.
I’m trying to pay more attention to these little moments.

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