Friday, 2 November 2012


We have just come back from seeing an amazing show at the Tobacco Factory Theatre  - Paper Cinema's Odyssey.

We went on the recommendation of our great friend Si, not knowing what to expect, but knowing that he rarely comes up with a duff tipoff.

The publicity describes it thus: “Homer’s Odyssey, a cornerstone of literature, [is] vividly told through beautiful illustration and masterful puppetry. Cinematic projection and cunning tricks transform a suitcase full of cut-out paper puppets into an array of living characters and striking landscapes. A silent film is created before your eyes, set to a captivating live score from exceptional musicians.”

It was quite astonishing and a total delight – a strange fusion of illustration/animation, puppetry and magic lantern show all performed before our very eyes with wit and charm.

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  1. I saw this recommended elsewhere ... we missed our chance but I'd have loved to see it :D