Wednesday, 27 July 2011


Finally, my "vintage" quilt is finished.

I am pleased. It's not a perfect piece of quilt-making by any stretch of the imagination, but I think the overall impression is pleasing and I'm happy with the layout and fabrics. After I had bought the vintage bundles in St Ives I had some doubts and felt I'd been overtaken by holiday fever and the need to buy something; they seemed a bit dull and dated. After I chopped them up and added the plain central squares from my stash it started to work though, and I was especially pleased by the addition of the turquoise fabric, which just seemed to lift the whole thing and give it a bit of zing.

The backing is an old duvet cover which had ripped and has been dyed in cold water dye.

I still need to get to grips with machine quilting. I don't seem to be able to avoid creasing and puckering of the backing fabric.

Still, overall I'm happy and felt confident enough to take it to the village fete-style, 'Best of Malago' at tonight's WI meeting.


  1. that's beautiful!! know what you mean about machine quilting, i don't know how people get it perfect on both sides! but this looks so lovely!

  2. You've created a beautiful heirloom!

  3. Well done! I have an unfinished quilt in the bottom of my wardrobe. It has been there since before my daughter was born and she is now 15. Hmmm. Must follow your example and just get on with it!

  4. Gorgeous quilt.

    Thank you for the comment on my post, sorry to respond here but Blogger doesn't always provide an email. I remember that we were there at the same time and in fact, I think that the last two times we have visited we have actually stayed in the same apartment that you have been to - it overlooks the beach and has crazy high bunk beds? Amazing coincidence. I love going to St Ives so much, just wish it was nearer, I nurse a secret dream of retiring there one day...