Saturday, 14 February 2009

say goodbye

This was a lovely knit and heavenly yarn to work with, but it just never suited me. This is the major disadvantage to hand knitting - never being quite sure how something will turn out. I fell in love with the pattern long before I ever geared up to the expense of buying the yarn and thought that the ribbed section at the waist would give shape and elegance. Sadly on me that waisted area fell below my waistline and the resultant effect was to make me look lumpen and far from elegant. Having persisted and worn it a few times last summer I reached the conclusion that I was never going to feel right wearing it. I felt grieved for all the work and expense that had been put into it. But then I took courage and ....

frogged it!

Then the gentle healing process of dipping the skeins into warm water and swirling them around watching the tight curls relax and give up their memory of being stitches.

Laborious hours of winding later I now have balled yarn ready to go.

This time I will probably knit the garter slip stitch jacket from February's Knitting magazine.

The shape is loose and casual - hopefully more forgiving, and with any luck should be a speedy knit.


  1. Brave decision. Hope cardi Mark II lives up to your expectations.

  2. wow the BOLDNESS! Well done!!!! The new pattern looks really lovely. The yarn colour is so good, I can't wait to see you enjoying what you make out of it! xxx

  3. beautiful work, I was going to say 'workmanship' but I guess that had better be 'workwomanship' ??'s lovely.